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Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural medicine and Founder of DrAxe. In this tutorial, I’m going to talk about lupus natural treatments and natural cures for lupus. So I’ll go over the best supplements for lupus, the best food specifically and then food that will probably surprise you, but foods that you absolutely want to stay away from. Lupus is an inflammatory condition that can affect the entire body including muscles, tissues and organs. And also it’s an autoimmune disease in nature. An autoimmune disease is where your body’s own immune system starts attacking organs that it should never attack in the.

First place. But here’s the good news. I’ve worked with thousands of patients with autoimmune disease and many of those with lupus and we’ve seen complete recoveries in many of those patients. So let’s go ahead and jump. I’m going to start with supplements, then go into diet and then foods you should stay from. So first off, if you have lupus, there are five supplements that are the best to take. The number one supplement is going to be Vitamin D3. Vitamin D level, Vitamin D specifically, it’s not just a vitamin, it’s known as a pro hormone. It’s essential for.

Balancing hormones in the body but also for modulating your immune system and that’s really the key in overcoming any or autoimmune issue, but especially one like lupus, is we’ve got to help balance out how you’re immune system is functioning and so vitamin D is critical. You can go and get a vitamin D test, but here’s the truth, over 80 of people are vitamin D deficient and I would guess over 90 of people with autoimmune disease or more are vitamin D deficient. So it’s almost a must that you should get vitamin D. I recommend.

Natural Treatments for Lupus

5,000 IUs twice a day for one month and then after that, 5,000 IUs a day. And best if you can go and get sunshine that day. That’s ideal for about 30 minutes directly on your skin. That’s what you want to do and during those days, you don’t need to take the supplement, but, ideally, vitamin D supplements, number one. The number two supplement is going to be collagen protein powder. Now, collagen is the main ingredient in bone broth and it contains the amino acid proline. Now, the root cause of.

Lupus is a condition called leaky gut syndrome. Really lupus, an autoimmune disease, it starts in the gut with leaky gut. So we’ve got to repair your gut if we want to heal lupus. And so collagen protein powder and amino acids like glutamine help repair the digestive tract. The number three supplement you should be taking for lupus is frankincense essential oil. Frankincense has been used for thousands of years and it contains an antioxidant called Boswellia and Boswellia is one of the most powerful natural antiinflammatories in the world. So start using frankincense essential oil. What I recommend is you get a bottle.

Of frankincense oil and just rub it all over your body but specifically your neck and your forehead and just a little bit under your nose. Also, one other thing you can do is do two drops of frankincense on your thumb and rub it on the roof of your mouth twice a day. Frankincense essential oil, again, helps balance out the immune system, which is critical. Also, there’s a really unique study done on lupus and they found that those with lupus tend to have low stomach acid. And if you have low stomach acid, there are a few things.

You can do. One is eat smaller meals. Another thing is be rested while you eat and chew more. Another thing is do a little bit of apple cider vinegar and water. But, from a supplement standpoint, digestive enzymes and also taking something called HCL, that’s hydrochloric acid. So again, digestive enzymes are the first thing I would take. I’d take two to three capsules with meals, especially if you’re consuming a meat product. And if you are consuming meat as well, you might try one or two capsules of HCL with pepsin. And then, last but not.

Least, probiotics. You know probiotics are critical for crowding yeast out of the body, really also getting into your gut, helping heal leaky gut and modulating the immune system. You’ve heard the quote 80 of your immune system is located in your gut. If you want to heal lupus, an autoimmune disease, you’ve got to first heal leaky gut, which then in turn will help heal lupus. So again, those are the top five supplements if you’re trying to overcome lupus. The ideal diet for lupus is a diet that is going to be easy to digest and that can help.

Repair the gut. Here are the top five foods you should be consuming. Number one is bone broth. That’s right. Chicken broth and bone broth contain amino acids that help repair the gut and reduce inflammation and boost the immune system naturally. So again, real bone broth, you can order online, first place to start. Number two is going to be vegetables, specifically steamed vegetables like steamed broccoli, cauliflower and spinach. Those are ideal for helping heal lupus. Number three is going to be organic meats high in omega 3 fatty acids like wildcaught salmon. Now, with lupus, an autoimmune disease, you don’t.

Want to consume large amounts of meat. You want to consume about 4ounce servings with your meal. So, again, about 4 ounces of wildcaught salmon, 4 ounces of grass fed beef, but doing some good, organic meat is great. The number four food you want to start consuming are fruits, specifically berries. Things like blueberries and raspberries, high in antioxidants, also naturally antiinflammatory. Number five is going to be fermented dairy products, specifically goat’s milk kefir or goat’s milk yogurt. We know those are high in probiotics, they’re also high in vitamin D and magnesium, which.

Are also important for those with lupus. So that’s an ideal diet. So maybe for breakfast, you do a smoothie with some yoghurt and some fruit and collagen protein powder. For lunch, you can do a salad. And for dinner, a big bowl of bone broth chicken vegetable soup. You follow that diet, I guarantee in just two weeks, you’re going to feel like a completely different person if you have lupus. By the way, if you know somebody who has lupus, I’d share this tutorial with them because I know it can help.

And, last but not least, here are some things you need to be really careful of if you have lupus. It’s gluten and casein. Most of us know that gluten is an inflammatory protein found in wheat products and in most grains today. If you’re buying any packaged product, you’ve got to get gluten out. Also A1 casein, which is found in goat’s milk and that’s why I recommended goat’s kefir and goat’s milk yoghurt earlier, but A1 casein, very inflammatory to the body. Then, of course, last but not least, just processed food. You’ve got to.

Get processed foods, hydrogenated oils, get those out of the diet. Follow the diet I talked about earlier. If you take those supplements and follow that diet I talked about, you’re going to see incredible results in healing from lupus. So, guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. By the way, if you haven’t been to my website, go to doctoraxe and look up lupus autoimmune disease and leaky gut or look up doctor axe leaky gut and you’re going to find my article on leaky gut. That’s going to give you even more steps on how to overcome lupus and autoimmune disease.

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