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Yeast Infection In Eye

Case Study 20 Eric Bakker Chronic Candida Yeast Infection

I’m going to do another case history, and this is going to be my case history. It’s going to be quite different. This is a 25yearold guy called Eric Bakker. In 1986, he was just turning 26. So this is my own personal story. You might like to hear my personal story on how I came to really develop a burning passion for helping people like you out there with Candida. You may like to hear my own personal story about the yeast infection I used to have when I was in my 20s. I used to live by myself in a small house in a place called Brisbane in Australia, and this little house was in a suburb that was prone to flooding. It was cheap rent, and I was working in a flourmill.

At the time. I’d been living on my own for about five years at that point. One week I would work the day shift. One week I’d work the afternoon shift. And the following week, I would work the night shift. I started to feel increasingly stressed and tired and one winter developed a bad cough. It got worse to the point where I took an antibiotic. My little house was cold and damp, and I had to bail water out of my bedroom after it rained heavily. I did tell you it was cheap rent. The walls were covered in a thin, moist film that I later discovered was mold. My diet wasn’t the best at times. I was craving sweet foods, take out, and lots of bread. Either my bowels were blocked or.

I was experiencing diarrhea and lots of gas. I felt terrible, and my health was going downhill fast. My skin started to get itchy and I developed a bad case of athlete’s foot and jock itch. To give you a background on all this, a few years prior, I had 13 amalgam fillings replaced over a period of two weeks in 1983. I started to notice that my health was beginning to deteriorate and by early ’85, I was feeling increasingly anxious. I developed skin rashes, athlete’s foot, and many manifestations of a Candida yeast infection, all unbeknown to me at the time, including very strong sweet cravings. I had issues with my girlfriend who thought I was a hypochondriac because my health had.

Deteriorated to the point where I had to seek medical help. But the was of little help because all the tests results came back normal, and he wanted me to see a psychiatrist. I knew I wasn’t going crazy. I knew that there was something undermining my health, and I couldn’t put a finger on it until I read the Yeast Connection by William Crook and then later I read the Missing Diagnosis by Orion Truss. I’ve read about 50 books since then on Candida, but the first one by Crook was quite a good book. My girlfriend at the time started to doubt me and told me that my problems were all in my head. A view strongly supported by her mother and that I needed to wake up to myself.

See a shrink and take antidepressants. I decided to end that unsupportive relationship and move out of their flat and had a garage sale a few weekends later to downsize. A naturopath was looking through some of my gear at a garage sale and asked me why I had dark circles under my eyes. I told her about my health and the first thing she told me was to get a hair analysis to determine the mercury levels because she thought the mercury fillings being replaced, it could have caused a problem. And she said there may be a connection there with that and the Candida. I went to see her and showed her Crook’s book, and what she said made a heck of a lot of sense. And I started getting treatment.

For my yeast infection. Unfortunately, she didn’t walk me through a proper mercury detoxification, I felt very, very sick, and I had a bad Herxheimer reaction. I had a lot of vomiting and diarrhea for quite a few weeks. And this, in fact, was one of the lowest points in my life. When at one point, I had considered taking my own life because I was so unsupported. No one wanted to listen to me. I felt terrible. The told me I was nuts. My mother said I was crazy. My girlfriend didn’t listen. Is it any wonder people jump off bridges or do crazy things? If no one is there to listen to you at all, all the doors get closed in your face. There’s no support at all. What’s the point in living even? When you’re at your.

Lowest point, often that’s a turning point and it was for me. This is something I wouldn’t wish upon anybody. My whole world came crashing down around me. I had no girlfriend. My girlfriend’s mother and even my own mother thought I was nuts. I was unemployed and I felt absolutely terrible. How much worse could it get? After many hours of reading and studying, it took over a year to get my life back. And that’s when I started to get into naturopathy. I started to really study and think I’ve got to really do something with my life. I’ve got to help other people out, too. I went on a very careful dietary regime of steamed vegetables, lean proteins, eggs, freerange.

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