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Vaginal Odor That Smells Like Onions

My vaginal discharge smells like garlic. I know that if you eat enough garlic or onions, it can permeate your pores, but if you ate that much garlic, your breath would definitely overpower any smell down there. Garlic breath would go away in a few hours. It depends on how much you ate, but it could come through your pores a day or two later. If thats the case, start eating out at Italian places so no one notices.

And here i thought youd recommend some perfumed stuff. If you dont like the smell, Id definitely not be using it as an antibacterial. If I was spraying it down there like body spray, Id know. I dont know if you are taking garlic pills as a natural antibiotic or for heart health, but that can ooze out of your pores too. And you might only notice it down there because it is one of the few places not perfumed.

I know douching can be bad by rinsing out good bacteria. thats why i dont do it. Are you sure it isnt a fishy smell youre mistaking for garlic? Thats a bacterial infection. And it is in part a result of wiping back to front, having sex in the rear and then front that introduces bacteria, wearing a thong that rubs both areas I wont admit to any of that, and I dont think thats the cause.

Do you have red, itchy, burning and thick white clumpy discharge? Thats the sign of a yeast infection. But some people say it smells more like beer or bread, not garlic. And how often are you doing a smell test to make the comparison? Unfortunately, Ive had enough yeast infections to know what it is like. But bacterial vaginosis can have the smell of an onion or garlic. And if there is a yeast.

Infection, there is an increased chance of bacterial infection too. If thats the case, I need to talk to a . Any other tips? Take more showers, eat some other spices instead of onions and garlic, drink more water to flush it out of your system. So Ill try curry. Eating curry can make it smell like onions and garlic down there. And so can eating asparagus.

What else could make it smell like an onion or garlic down there? Antibiotics can alter the bacterial balance and have that result. I prefer essential oils. Essential oils can do that too, especially the ones related to the foods I already said not to eat. Id hate to think herbal treatments were causing this.

My Vaginal Discharge Smells Like Urine

My vaginal discharge smells like urine. Are you sure you just arent leaking urine? I dont think so. If you just had a baby, the muscles down there are tired if not torn from the strain. The end result is greater odds of leaking pee when you laugh, cough or bend over. No one mentioned that in the parenting classes.

Thats because they are less likely to admit it and way more likely to blame it on the diapered critter in their lap. What else could be making it smell like urine? A really hard labor where you strain so much it tears microscopic holes in the vagina in the wall that separates it from the bladder. Then you get urine seeping into the vaginal area.

I dont think im leaking from the bladder. If you have that type of set of microscopic holes, urine will leak into the vagina even if youre holding the pee in anyway. How do you get that fixed? Surgery. Then again, this is a common problem when they do a hysterectomy and dont put in a proper floor for the bladder too, but fixing that is surgical as well.

Id like to know what other things could be responsible for it so i have solutions other than surgery. It is possible that you are using so much douche and clothing so tight that the skin cant breathe that bacteria has caused the pH to shift that badly, but it is rare. I know there are douches you cant use often because it cleanses so well the good bacteria is washed away. Then you risk a bacterial infection.

Bacterial infections smell like onion, bad fish or garlic. you also have an increased risk of yeast infections, which smell like beer. I hate to say it, but I have seen enough offerings to the porcelain god to know the difference between pee, beer and vomit in terms of smell. Theres also the possibility you are leaking pee into your underwear, and the area still smells like that even after you change clothes.

Which is a different reason to talk to the . Or switch to texting to continue the conversation instead of trying to hold it in while you talk. I already text mostly, and I dont wait so long to stop talking that I leak while racing to the bathroom. Then the most likely a bacterial infection, made worse by wearing tight clothes, excessive.

Sweating, and concentrated urine. Then drinking water, wear loose clothing and eating yogurt is a start to fixing this. Assuming you dont need antibiotics. I prefer probiotics. I still think you should take the yogurt orally, rather than sticking it up there and hoping it helps.

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