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Vaginal Odor Post Menopause

What on earth is going on with the body odor changes during menopause? Like many other female issues, it can be blamed on hormones. With my period over, no, I cant. Menopause is a lack of specific hormones, so yes, it is. Are you mad, or is that a bad hot flash? Close enough. What specifically is causing these body odor changes?.

For some women, you get an increased risk of yeast infections. that would explain a sour or fishy odor. This is more like an old mans smell. Your body has shifted gears and now has less estrogen. That affects your bodys chemistry. While I am getting old, Im not turning into a guy. What I meant is that you may sense the changes because of the decreased estrogen levels.

I heard it might be a nutritional deficit. A lack of zinc can cause bad body odor. Or you just need aluminum chlorohydrate. Ive never heard of that. Can I get it by cooking everything in aluminum foil? Aluminum chlorohydrate is a common compound in underarm deodorant. What else could be causing it? When you have hot flashes, youre probably sweating, too. The problem may simply be extra.

Bo solved by deodorant and frequent bathing. Now youre talking to me like Im a teenaged boy. The odor is sometimes caused by changes in vaginal pH. That youd want to consult with an OBGYN about. I think there are a lot of over the counter solutions for that. Sometimes women develop urine leakage with middle age. Maybe the odor youre picking.

Up is due to that. A middle aged woman shouldnt have the same problems as a toddler. Lets just say this is a problem for the ages. Or it is a problem associated with getting older. And that’s assuming it isn’t diabetes or your thyroid or OK, I’ll talk to the .

Vaginal Discharge During Menopause

I need your input on vaginal discharge during menopause. When youre going through menopause, youll have your period less often or less intensely before it finally shuts off. I know menopause isnt an off switch but more a slow fade. When youre going through menopause, youll see similar shifts in vaginal discharge like white and sticky to dry right before your period, but you may not see the clear and.

Slippery phase for ovulation. Because I might not ovulate. However, when youre going through menopause, theres still a chance youll get pregnant. And have a kid with a higher risk of health problems. Or multiples. As your eggs hit their expiration date, the body offsets it by releasing multiple eggs.

What other vaginal discharge should i expect during menopause? If it starts to smell sweet down there, youre probably developing diabetes especially so if the urine smells sweet and looks like syrup too. A rash of repeated yeast infections can be a symptom of diabetes too. And your odds of adult onset diabetes go up with age. What else should I know?.

With age, the vaginal discharge goes down, which is why older women tend to need lubrication, since the body doesnt make as much. And while a lack of lubrication and make you more sensitive to yeast and bacterial infections, using too much lubrication can alter pH levels and do the same. Youll know you have one of those infections by the foul smelling discharge if it is bacterial and the fish smell with yellow and solid masses if yeast based.

Fortunately, i havent had to do a smell test to see what is wrong. If you get red or brown vaginal discharge, youll probably want to talk to a . We already discussed how your period fades away at this age. Yes, but red blood thats constant indicates lesions or a serious infection, while brown blood can be a period thats not complete or internal bleeding. Okay, thats a reason to talk to the .

And just because you dont have to use birth control anymore doesnt mean you dont have to use birth control. Menopause is all natural birth control. Just because you cant get pregnant anymore doesnt mean you cant get a sexually transmitted disease anymore. And green, yellow and red vaginal discharge, especially with redness, itching or sores are strong signs of an STD.

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