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Vaginal Odor How To Get Rid Of It

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Home Remedies To Stop Bad Smell From Vagina

Hi viewers here are some home remedies to stop bad smell from vegina first home remedie apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar will keep Vagina away from smell it is antiseptic you can also use in water at the time of batting second home.

Remedy baking soul by mixing baking soda in water before taking bath it can reduce bad order from vagina baking soda fights vaginal order perfectly third home remedie probiotics by eating probiotic food you can reduce badsmell.

From vagina first probiotic food sauerkraut second yogurt yogurt is the best source of probiotics which have friendly bacterias which can improve your health third pickles fourth dark chocolate fourth home remedy to stop badsmell from.

Vagina another best way to get rid of bad smell from Vagina is to use whitewinger in batting this restores ph value and get rid of bad order fifth tea tree oil by conception of tea tree oil you can reduce bad smell from vagina it has.

Antiseptic properties and restores national ph value to your vagina sixth garlic by eating a lot of garlic you can get rid of bad smell from Vagina garlic is antimicrobial and anti fungal seventh home remedy fresh vegetables eating.

Plenty of foods and vegetables like apple carrot pineapple watermelon cucumber banana and more you can get rid of bad odor from your Vagina.

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