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Vaginal Odor From Urine

Hello. I am making this tutorial in response to a young man who had written in a bout his girlfriend and he was saying how she had a bit of a foul odor in her vaginal area. and there are so many reasons why a lot of women can have vaginal odors due to our hormones, having sex on the regular you’re going to smell a certain way, if your immune system is down you may have an imbalance as far as the germs inside of you. So we are just going.

To get right to it. I wanted to talk about a germ that I literally have been taking for years. It’s called Lactobacillus acidophilus. You can get this from your dr. or just go to rite aide. I think that I have seen it in there. It is called probiotic. I have even seen a vaginal care version of this so can sell it in a vitamin shop. I’m sure GNC has it but I just wanted to talk about that because I don’t know it the germ eat the bad bacteria.

But what I do know is that you will have a very fresh smell with this. I have been using it for years. When you are taking good care of yourself down there you can even be on your cycle and smell fresh so check that out. Another supplement I want to talk about is this. This even says internal freshener. It says that you can 14 every day. This depends on how much you need it. I take this every once in a while, But if you are taking good.

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Taking good care of yourself you won’t need this too much but if you are having Horrible body odor problems you night want to check this out. This can also be sold at the vitamin shoppe. It’s nice and cheap. I want to talk about something that women can do to cut down on vaginal odor, you are not going to like this but. tampons. I have not used tampons in years due to the fact that they stop you up. If you body is trying to get rid of something.

And it’s being stopped of course there will be an odor. You may even have that odor when you are not even on your menstrual cycle. You want your vaginal area to be able to breathe. You want to just try and go back to using pads it may seem a lot messy but it will keep you more fresh, you’ll see for yourself. This works even in the summertime. I also wanted to talk about grooming. I know a lot of women want to keep your bush but the truth is when.

Bacteria latches on to those hairs that’s when they will multiply and then you will have odor. If there is no hair to latch on to then then the bacteria can’t hold on. Please groom yourself well. No hair basically. It’s something to get used to but it will keep you a lot fresher and cleaner. The last thing that I want to talk about is vinegar. Vinegar I think it’s the acid that really works against the germs and keeping your body fresh. When you are well groomed down there. Don’t put the vinegar on right after you removed the.

Hair because the skin will be irritated an it will burn. What you want to do is wait like a day later and then take some vinegar white vinegar Dab it on your vaginal area not the sensitive area0 but dab , you can even put some on the top of your inner thigh because that can be considered the vaginal area. You can even but it on your backside if you want to. Dab it on fan it dry then dab another coat on fan that dry and then.

You should be good for the rest of the day. This is something that will keep your girl or who ever is watching this really fresh even in the summertime. You can even sweat with this method still be fresh. Vinegar has been used as a cleaning solution for a long time back in the day so I have even used that method under my arms in the summertime and it really worked. I hope this helps the sun is going down so I am going to end this tutorial. But thank you so much for watching. just try it and give me some feed back. Thank you Take.

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