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Vaginal Odor From Next Choice

(upbeat music) We are going to be freebleeding. That means we’re not going to be using any period products at all. We’re just gonna let it all out, and everyone’s gonna be there for it.

if i couldn’t have any period products, I know that my period would be so messy. Whenever you’re caught in a situation without a period product, it’s always just, like, a feeling of panic. Getting a period is hard enough.

Even with all the tools i have at my disposal. We’re gonna be kind of exploring what that means, to not have period products. My period lasts for seven full days. It’s usually the first three days are, like, what’s up! Lately, I’ve just been using a Diva Cup.

i’m a tampon girl. I use extra super absorbent tampons, extra super absorbent pads. I also have decently bad cramps, so I’m oftentimes popping ibuprofen of some kind or another. I don’t know if I’m more nervous.

For the questions people are gonna ask, or the questions that people are not gonna ask. Like, what are they gonna think? So many people have, like, a visceral disgusted reaction when it comes to periods. They’re much cuter when they’re, you know,.

Actually being used for an adorable little puppy, rather than my personal external diaper. You know how when, like, pad commercials they use blue liquid instead of red blood? It’s not gonna be blue! It’s just ’cause they know it came from of vaginas.

They don’t like that. I’m Annie Lascoe. And I’m Margo Lang. And we’re the cofounders of Conscious Period. At Conscious Period, for every box of organic tampons we sell,.

We give back to women who are living in homelessness right here in the United States. (upbeat rock music) 26.4 million women of menstruating age depend on food stamps in the United States, and because government assistance programs,.

Hello Counselor Park Joonhyung Lee Jihye Kuhn Wei ENG20161205

We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns. National. Competition on Worries. / Competition on Worries. Park Joonhyung of god is joining us today! (Park Joonhyung of god) Lee Jihye is here with us, too.

(the singer who never ages, lee jihye) Please also welcome Kuhn and Wei of UP10TION! (Kuhn and Wei of UP10TION) Wei, feel free to stretch out your legs. His legs are too long. / I’m worried Move over. / that you’d be uncomfortable.

Don’t you want your legs to touch yeongja? No, no. That’s not what I meant. He’s worried. / She’ll be uncomfortable. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. It’s okay. Just rest your leg on mine. Don’t worry. That looks comfortable. / It’s completely fine.

Don’t worry at all. You’re young enough to be my nephew. (I won’t kill you.) Are you nervous? / Why are you scanning your nephew up and down? (You’re teasing him too harshly.).

He’s not actually my nephew. (Will Wei’s legs be okay today?) Joonhyung, you’ve been married for 2 years. / Yes. Does anything bother you in your married life? When guys live alone, we can just leave the toilet seat up after we relieve ourselves.

Things like that bother me. I get scolded for not putting the toilet seat down. When men do that, women fall into the toilet when the light is off. That’s right. That’s one of the examples.

into the toilet. / they should turn on the light. They forget to do that when they’re halfasleep. Also, it’s. Has that happened to your wife? / Yes. Seriously? / My gosh. (Joonhyung and his wife are still very much in love.).

I have to say something. how thickskinned is wei? He’s still resting his leg on mine. He’s worried that you might scold him if he moves. It’s going to look like a few seconds on the show, but we have actually been sitting like this for about 20 minutes.

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