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Vaginal Odor During Exercise

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How to Get Rid of Smelly Discharge

I need to know how to get rid of smelly discharge. Use deodorant or don’t wear sweats while working out. I mean, down there. If you’re wearing that tight lycra while working out and the sweat builds up around there, you can still get a yeast infection or rash down there that smells pretty bad. If I were working out that much, I wouldn’t worry about this smell relative to the odor.

Of sweat. I hope you’ve seen a recently. I don’t think this is like acne so bad you need to see a dermatologist. If you have an STD, you could have bad smelly discharge. And that’s all the more likely if you have sores or bad itching or colored discharge. You can have white or grey discharge, I think, and it isn’t anything that serious.

If you have whitish or grey discharge that looks like cottage cheese, you have a yeast infection. Fortunately, the fishy odor goes away once you treat it. I don’t think I’ve even seen cottage cheese. If you’ve seen yogurt, you can use that. Internally or externally? There are folk cures of putting yogurt up there, but really, just eat more of it, and.

If that doesn’t work, get an over the counter yeast medication. once you’re cured, the odor will go away. Except I don’t smell a fishy odor. That rules out trichomoiasis. That’s quite a mouthful. No wonder they call it trich for short. Trich can cause a musty smell too, plus burning and itching.

I’ve had irritation but don’t want to say it is that. You can have bacterial infections cause a musty or fishy smell too. And unlike an STD, you can get it all by yourself. How do I get rid of it? Have the find out what you have and offer a treatment for it. I could douche to clean down there and eliminate the odor.

Actually, douching causes the ph down there to shift in ways that facilitate more bacterial growth, and it doesn’t help if there’s an infection or yeast. So covering up the smell today could make it worse tomorrow. You can try washing down there several times a day with antibacterial soap, wear loose cotton underwear and clean thoroughly after you pee or poop. I know what leaking pee smells like, and that’s not this. And antibacterial soap can be harsh.

So mix baking soda in the bathwater you use or apple cider vinegar in your bath soak, though with the vinegar, you can do that daily. I suppose smelling like pickles is better than how I smell now. And the vinegar thing you can say is from a health fad without saying what it is treating. The other hygiene steps you can take include changing out pads often and not leaving tampons in too long.

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