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Vaginal Discharge That Looks Like Poop

My vaginal discharge smells like poop. Are you sure you arent just blaming the wrong orifice? I dont think Im leaking poop. The brown on the underwear is a pretty sure sign. However, if you have endometriosis that adheres to the bowel, you could have diarrhea when you have your period and bad gas even if not superpooping.

And i thought the stomach pains were bad enough when you had endometriosis. So if you have endometriosis, you could have bad gas at best and extra pooping at worse when having your period. This is a constant thing, but a new problem. Do you have a new baby? If you just had a kid, all the muscles down there are so strained that you may lose the ability to hold it in.

My kid is crawling around. If you really strained those muscles, you end up leaking pee and even poop when you strain to pick things up, cough, sneeze and so forth. I havent leaked pee in weeks. Thats what keigel exercises are for. That doesnt mean you didnt strain the bowels too, especially if you have rectal tears or hemorrhoids.

I dont want to blame this on the kid. If you spent a day or two in hard labor, it is possible there are now microscopic holes between the vagina and bowel, or vagina and urinary tract that let that stuff seep into the wrong area. So even if I can hold it in, it finds another way out. Thats disgusting. It is also a health problem, since poop getting into the vagina is a guarantee youll get.

More infections. Or way greater odds of a UTI. It would take a checking things out to say if thats the cause. I also cant rule out you wiping back to front, introducing bacteria to that area, and thus just smelling bad from the bacterial infection. Which becomes yet another reason to talk to the .

And you want to do it before you find yourself having to go to the for even worse problems. What else could be causing this? Bacterial infections can make it smell like poop, though it usually comes with white or gray vaginal discharge. And a burning sensation.

You also get a fish like odor, especially after sex. however, if theres a yeast infection too, youll get more colors and odors. It sounds weird to say you could have more than one infection at once. Having bacterial vaginosis increases your odds of developing a yeast infection, kind of like how you can have two STDs at the same time. I dont even want to know what it is like to have two STDs at once.

My Vaginal Discharge Smells Like Vinegar

My vaginal discharge smells like vinegar. Discharge is normally a little acidic and smells a little like vinegar. Well just say the smell is bad enough to be more than normal. Fortunately, the cause of that isnt as fishy as it sounds, I mean smells. It is a little fishy, yes, but Im not used to it smelling like this. If you were used to yeast infections, you either have a depressed immune system or diabetes.

I know out of control diabetes means high blood sugar. i didnt think it could cause too much yeast in my own body. It could also be because youre pregnant. The immune system decreases in some regards while pregnant to not harm the baby, raising the odds of a yeast infection. I dont think Im pregnant. If the vaginal discharge smells bad and looks like curds, you have a yeast infection. It.

Is also more likely if the itching is bad, skin is red and it hurts when you pee or have sex. If I had that many symptoms, I wouldnt be having sex. You could also have bacterial vaginosis. Just what I need, a social disease. You could have thick discharge that smells more than usual due to bacterial overgrowth.

Of the bacteria normally there and it isnt classified as a social disease. So how could I treat it? Dont douche like you might do, since those cleansings actually worsen the normal bacterial balance. And you need yogurt That sounds like a fancy new age treatment, up there with herbs and lotions in my underwear. You eat the yogurt to help restore your bodys bacterial balance. There are some people who.

Do put yogurt up there, but it isnt recommended, though tea tree oil is. Drinking herbal teas is supposed to treat everything. What else can I do? Make sure you wipe front to back when you poop so there isnt any bacteria making it from back to front. Any other ideas of what could be causing this? It could be something sexually transmitted, especially if the cervical mucus is yellow.

Or green or streaked with blood. I suppose the blood would be from lesions or sores. Yes, and youll want to see a for any social disease. And it can be mistaken for a yeast infection, since the itching, burning and so forth are similar unless someone actually looks at it. Which is pretty much impossible for me unless I reach the next level in yoga.

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