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Vaginal Discharge That Looks Like Balls

A 19yearold in Tennessee has been arrested for concealing a weapon inside her body now this is a nineteen oh by the mid L Dallas archer she had a.22caliber many revolver in her vagina and police were able to detect it after they stopped her for driving with a suspended license a detour to the dugout local jail where they at search army knows that there was something bold ring out of her crotch area so I a female officer to read to the bathroom ended up more checks to see what she was hiding in be found the gun apparently her own mother.

Called the police on her because she said that her dad daughter had assaulted her so that was why the police are after her in the first place when they saw her suspended license they also realize that she had a number of traffic citations that she never took care of okay I’m I think this your honor I think it was stolen and it’s a small gun really really vaginal discharge yeah i know i I didn’t do it hey i jus the resume I saw when I was a kid.

A bit much but OK uh but it’s a good maiden discharge otherwise I wouldn’t even worse but I anyway good game was boring Jizan laying it didn’t go off and it was stolen presumably that’s why she headed up there so that it wouldn’t get found there’s no would like fire in the hole or something else you not that much better II K move very dirty K I am so the guy who the sole promises said seventyyearold with a nineteen 1984 Mustang so I already like a guy he said.

Loaded Gun In Teens Vagina Surprises Cops

Eventually he’d like the little fella returned took care amused by cuz the little fellows insider for a while and then he says but it would require a bath in bleach before he use it again what is she doing with her life she’s 19 she’s young you have the world on your shoulders what are you doing with your life I just I would like puller siding be like stop it take the gun at a Regina go to school I education at a Tennessee doing something with yourself something with your life I feel terrible for her.

And apparently will not apparently I’m sure this isn’t surprising to a lot of view i do research on how many women have been caught with guns in their vaginas unfortunately there has been a study on this but I did find a story for another woman who got caught with the gun in her vagina last July July 2013 Christie Don Harris has 28 years old at the time she had a gun in her vagina and she also had cracked in clenched in between your buttcheeks what are you doing with your life I.

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