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Bacterial Vaginosis Smoking

Hi! I’m back About a year ago I had a blog up online, I since replaced it with my Tumblr but, in that blog I wrote an article about smoking hypocritical Yes. But anyway, this is the.uh.this is actually a print out of the article and I was rereading some of them some of my older stuff that I had written it’s mostly articles, but anyway, I was rereading some of them and I found a few of them that I actually want to share with those who come across my YouTube channel.

So, I figured this one as as good as any to be first. It’s male sexual performance and smoking. Like I said, it’s hypocritical I mean, is it hypocritical of me to write and read this to you Uh. maybe a little Since I actually do still smoke, but I want to share with you one of the reasons I know I’m going to quit. Because I plan on using this to help motivate me to quit and I figured maybe you know somebody out there might be able to do the same.

So, rather than write out notes or try to script a tutorial Based around this, it would be kind of foolish to that because I’ve already written an article, so it makes more sense to me to just read you the article. Here goes the article. I know it looks long but I’ll try to read kind of fast So. Here we go Every guy of course should be and generally is concerned about men’s sexual performance Namely their own. It’s selfish but it’s true. Now, I admit that I haven’t been able to get myself to quit smoking either.

Mens Sexual Health Smoking

But I wanted to write this to inform other men and women the effects that smoking have on the body is literally the opposite of what Viagra does to the male body Like literally. The physical and chemical changes that Viagra uses to get the hardon result is the opposite of the physical and chemical changes that smoking does to the body. That is true. you can Google it if you want to. Now, I’m not saying that if you quit smoking or never smoked, that you will never develop issues in your.

Sexual health and performance. I’m afraid that just isn’t. It’s just not true. it can still happen, of course. I’m also not saying that smoking will stop you from getting a hardon at all. However if you smoke They’re not getting as full as they could be or should be. Even if you don’t realize it. Think about it, because It is very true. I promise. Cigarettes and similar tobacco products all contain carbon monoxide which takes oxygen out of the human body literally eats and deprives your body from getting it. I mean, it will prevent the tissues and all you organs.

From ever even receiving any of it. The same reasons smokers usually breathe heavier is also the reason smoking can and will damage and harm your sexual performance and health especially, male sexual performance. And. I’m sure you can figure out why But uh, don’t be fooled it actually does harm female seuxal performance and body response as well. But it’s a little worse in the male body for obvious reasons. Just. it’s bad for either gender or even if you have no gender. it’s bad! Just don’t do it. Or quit doing it, like I’m going to do.

Not only does it physically harm your ability to get a hardon or one that is as filled out as it should be but it also reduces your stamina, and even your very sex drive. You’re killing yourself and your sexual health and that’s the cold bitter truth. Speaking of killing in fact, don’t forget that smoking can also kill sperm cells as well as the male body’s ability to produce the right amount of semen. And for anybody who doesn’t know, semen is the liquid stuff that actually carries sperm.

It’s the nasty part, basically, of male ejaculate. That means you’re producing less soldiers and even the ones who do survive often don’t have a ride home like they need. Metaphor for you there. So they wait around until they die in the body. So basically, they’re killing your sperm, and even the sperm that are surviving. there’s not enough semen to really get them to the destination. For those of you who read this which you won’t, because you’re hearing it. but and try saying something like, Oh, but I’ve been smoking for so many years that it doesn’t much matter at this point..

Or something along those lines Please keep in mind that no matter how long you’ve been a smoker, your body can heal itself if you quit. Obviously, if you develop lung cancer or COPD which is a breathing disorder like emphysema. all that kind of stuff. Then those things aren’t going to go away though they are treatable nowadays. If you haven’t developed anything quite that extreme or damaging, then your body will heal itself over time. I don’t give a shit if you’re 60 years old and you’ve been smoking since you were 12.

It will never harm you to quit smoking. And your body will actually heal itself. And if you have lung cancer or COPD then you damn well better quit because smoking will kill you a whole lot faster. So. see No reason not to quit. Uh, in fact after a year or so of quitting. it will almost be as though you never smoked. Your body will have healed itself back to nonsmoker health. Yes. that is actually true. You can Google that too. I would never lie to you people, I promise. After that the risk of other illnesses begin to decrease too as though.

You have never smoked. Matter of fact. I will look up a time line. I found one once and I’ll find it again. I may even have it bookmarked but I’ll find the time line online. like a chart that breaks it down for you and I’ll put it in the description down there so you can see it. So you don’t even have to Google it, just go to the description below and read that. All these reasons to quit and plus the ones that haven’t been mentioned. you would smell better, feel better,.

And keep more money especially since the price of cigarettes just went up. At least I know it did here in south Georgia. Not they were that cheap to begin with, but I know Florida and California and especially Hawaii. they’re like retardedly expensive already. Just to name a few. not sure about you but I for sure will be quitting soon, which I’ve already told you In fact if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know the minute I quit smoking, because I can promise you I’m going to.

Be tweeting about it if for no other reason than to help keep my sanity. And you can find my Twitter in the.well let’s see. it would be. up there You can find my Twitter in the cover art up there but it’s just timarowland on screen Well now that you know more, though I’m aware you already knew not to smoke or to quit smoking These reasons alone are enough to make me want to quit smoking, not to mention, the older you get the worse the damage and dangers get. That’s common sense. I’m still young. I’m 35 years old.

But I’m well aware that I’m not getting any younger at all. Got news for you. Neither are you I don’t care if you’re twenty. you’re still not getting any younger. Until next time, leave comments. subscribe all that kind of stuff. Please come back for more. To say that I’m doing more tutorials is an understatement I have two days that are pretty much free and this is the second tutorial of about twelve that I’m going to be filming over the next two days and editing and putting up for you. So basically, the moral of the story.

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